My Shawties didn’t stick

- Just because a surface is “smooth” doesn’t mean it is, test it first

- Some moisture helps adhesion, too much can hurt. If your object is covered in H2O of any form wipe it down a bit

- There may be small grooves in you object that let air in. We’ve had success on items from axes to drywall and failures on favorite pairs of skis cause they been heavily Jerried.


Shawties are not tested on animals

- but we have a strange feeling it might stick to a whale 

Material and Cleaning

- 100% FDA / LFGB silicone. It can be microwaved, frozen, or heated. Be careful handling if you did excessively heat or cool your Shawties for some reason 

- Didn’t clean your shot ski right after use? No problem. Rinse it out or use mild soap and water to clean it like other kitchen items